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Oct 20th 2021

We are living in an age where we are consuming more toxins in the form of junk foods, alcohol, cigarettes and also our stress levels seem to be getting higher. This in turn can cause a toxic build up within our body. Every so often ii is a good idea to give our body a rest and embark on a Detox. By choosing to do a course of Detox treatments we are making better lifestyle choices in order to improve the overall performance of our skin and body.

Detox treatments are becoming more popular than ever as clients are feeling a real benefit in the look and feel of their skin as well as the overall benefit of how well they feel both physically and emotionally.

Bioslimming Detox base the perspirant and detoxification effect:

Its efficiency is based on a combination of powerful active ingredients that act instantly to provide detoxification. This anti-bacterial gel provides a heating power and perspirant effect.

It is used in particular for slimming and detoxification treatments.

Essential oils of orange, seaweeds and lemon oil helps promote slimming, improves circulation and eliminates impurities and toxins from the deeper layers of the skin!

Detox base and wrapping with seaweed and natural essential oil of orange and citrus within the wrap: application of Detox base that contains fucus vesiculosus algae extract all over the body, then the use of a heated blanket as the heat reinforces the penetration of marine elements and orange thanks to a vasodilatation of the skin pores. These active ingredients help to remove toxins and have a remineralizing effect (the algae are rich in minerals, trace elements and vitamins) Combined with our natural essential oil of orange and citrus it also is very regenerating for the body which promotes the health of the skin.