Bioslimming Wrap  in DAYSPA slimming services

Bioslimming Wrap in DAYSPA slimming services

Jul 6th 2019

Bioslimming active Wrap is in DAYSPA Magazine's Five Smoothing and Slimming Body Services featuring Cleise Spa in Chicago

Summer services that give clients super smooth and sleek physiques.

Swimsuit season has arrived at last—a time when people are more inclined than ever to seek out spa treatments that will allow them to flaunt flawless skin and their best possible bodies. Such services can (and should!) extend well beyond the standard scrubs or wraps to incorporate health-boosting extras, and they can be custom-tailored to lavish TLC on specific areas of concern. If you’re in need of some inspiration for your own summer menu, look no further than the five targeted offerings that follow—guaranteed to impart both an inner and outer glow, from neck to toe.

Bioslimming Wrap(75 min./$180),Cleise Brazilian Day Spa, Chicago

Body Benefits: Tones, firms and flushes out fatty deposits.

Protocol Pointers: For clients seeking to slim down specific areas and tone trouble zones, this wrap promises to shrink those spots and minimize the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. After taking measurements, the therapist applies a combination of Bioslimming Gel and Cream, and employs massage techniques with a Brazilian rubber roller designed to heat up the body and boost lymphatic drainage. The client is then wrapped—in saran, a layer of plastic, and then a blanket to keep warm—and treated to a foot or scalp massage. Next, the wrap is removed and the therapist applies a cooling gel for a tightening effect, then wraps the client up again for another 15 minutes, during which they get to enjoy turmeric and ginger tea with lemon and honey. “We’re famous for our tea,” notes spa owner Cleise Gomes. “It’s a digestive aid and enhances the wrap’s effects.” To conclude the service, the wrap is removed and clients are advised to avoid showering for the next four hours so that the products can continue to penetrate the skin and work their magic.

Rave Reviews: Results can be seen and measured immediately, according to Gomes. “Inches are gone and the slimming effect is obvious,” she notes. “It’s very popular before special occasions and events—clients know it really works!”

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